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30th September 2020

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Great to chat to you about your project and plans on email. As promised here's your proposal. You'll probably have lots of questions, so feel free to call me on + 44 (0)744 55 666 35 or just drop me an email at

I believe proposals like this should be easy to understand, so I’ve made sure this one uses clear language. Having said that, if anything is unclear, ask me. I’ll be happy to clarify.

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02 your project

A clear, strong strategy comes from understanding your business, clients and competitors. We uncover the essence of your brand, why you exist, why as a business you get out of bed in the morning — your vision, requirements and expectations for your brand identity.

Then we use your new creative strategy to translate creative ideas into workable concepts, crafting the visual identity, building strong, lasting solutions to make sure you stand out and create a memorable brand experience.



Building on this proposal to firmly outline all the aims and ambitions for the project. Any points of reference can be bought to the table, and learnings taken from client discussions. Understanding clearly, the company vision and goals to commence the design phase.

— Design recommendations.
— Competitor research & analysis.


Thorough creative investigation and creative strategy based on the previous stage. Translating our creative ideas into workable concepts.

— Creative direction.
— Design development.


At this stage we will have defined the overall visual language and refined the proposed design direction. We will deliver a complete brand guideline to show how the design works within the requirements of the deliverables.

— Handoff designs.
­— Font heiracy, size and layout.
— Typefaces; core and supporting.
— Brand design, look and feel.­
— Colour use and colourways.
— Core colour palette.


We will create the concept and the brand indentity.  These designs will include the creation of artwork files to be handed over to Ghazzal in an agreed format.
The complete visual identity include the following elements.

— Core brand narrative direction and rationale.
— Wordmark/Logotype colour ways.
— Core colour palette.
— Typefaces; core and supporting.
— Typographic style (design, look and feel for specific printed or digital formats.)
— Packaging design application.
— Bag design application.
— Sticker design application.


We understand that this can feel like a significant investment. But your brand indentity  is an investment in your business's own growth.

1. Project set up and brief

Process: Meetings and proposals to agree a strategic approach, project milestones, resource allocation, fees and project schedule.

Aim: To define the project and strategic approach in detail and undergo project immersion. Approval of schedule, stages, deliverables and estimate.

Deliverable: Full strategic project brief and plan.

Duration: 1 day

Stage Total: £250

2. Research and analysis

Process: Research into the competitive landscape to help define a unique approach.

Aim: Gain an understanding of the business. What can we learn, what do we avoid, what works, what doesn’t? How can we create stand out / a point of difference?

Deliverable: PDF presentation of findings and recommendations.

Duration: 2 days

Stage Total: £500

3. Initial Concepts

Process: Thorough creative investigation and creative strategy. Exploration of visual language, typography, font, colour and layout.

Aim: Establish a suitable visual language and broad creative approach to the design solution.

Deliverable: Share intial design in a PDF presentation of findings and recommendations.

Duration: 1 week

Stage Total: £1,250

4. Design Development

Process: Refine selected identity route and explore how this works across various key items of implementation for sign off.

Aim: Refinement of the route and sign off design direction.

Deliverable: Share a final developed approach in PDF presentation of findings and recommendations.

Duration: 1 week

Stage Total: £1,250

5. Implementation and sign off

Process: Final content supplied and / or commissioned, implementation work begins.

Aim: Creating all items for handoff.

Deliverable: As per the list in section "04 Deliverables".

Duration: 3 days

Stage Total: £750

Total: £4,000


As our client, you agree:
— You have the power to enter into this contract on behalf of your organisation.
— To review our work, provide feedback and sign-off within agreed timescales.
— To stick to the payment terms described below.


Project commencement fees are payable immediately upon acceptance of this fee proposal. Our normal terms of trade would request payment for invoices to be made within 28 days of the invoice date. All invoices will be billed and must be paid for in GBP Sterling (£). Conversion of foreign currency to GBP Sterling (£) will be made at the conversion rate existing in the United Kingdom (as reported at on the last working day of the applicable project completion month. Such payments will be without deduction of exchange, collection or other charges. All fees are exclusive of VAT.


Please note these fees include design and project management services only but do not allow for any third party fees such as but not limited to: font licenses, photography, illustration, copywriting, packaging prototyping, web programming or any other production costs. Please note for copyright and legal reasons This Edition (Operating as Rainis LTD) are not able to release recommended fonts, the client will need to make an allowance to purchase these fonts for the number of users required specific to each font foundry. Professional fees include all meeting time and research within reason. All costs will be approved by the client prior to any expense being made. With regards to scope of works, we would require approval of the list provided in this proposal before project commencement. If it becomes apparent that there may be an increased or unexpectedly large requirement, additional fees may be incurred. These would be proposed and agreed in advance of the work being undertaken.


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