About Us

Matt Gavioli is an Australia-born,

Italy based designer who believes that

design has the power to create products

that not only serve a purpose but also

inspire positive brand experiences.
We're an independent creative consultancy who specialise in creating brand and digital experiences that truly resonate with your target audience.

Our focus is on crafting design solutions that work for people and businesses, with an emphasis on usability and practicality.

We're committed to working collaboratively, listening to our clients to turn great ideas into powerful long-term brand experiences.

With expertise in Brand and Digital Product/Web Design, Matt’s agile approach and deep understanding of design principles, make him an ideal choice for multidisciplinary design solutions.

About The Founder

Throughout his career journey, Matt has been privileged to learn from a diverse spectrum of exceptionally talented individuals. This experience has enriched his perspective, allowing him to adapt and excel across various organisational structures, sizes, processes, industries, design philosophies, and aesthetics.

Having received a Bachelor's degree in Photography (Creative Advertising) from Griffith University in Australia, Matt has a traditional design education. He began his career designing branded environments for architecture and interior design practices before moving to Paris to work with various luxury fashion brands.

Matt's real value comes from his years of hands-on experience as a Creative Director, where he has led design in-house and worked independently with startups.
His work spans a wide range of projects, including brand identity design, web design, and wayfinding for exhibition spaces. As the Head of Brand Design at the Ballymore Group, a property market leader, he played a significant role in shaping a diverse range of award-winning placemaking projects. This breadth of work helped foster his holistic approach to brand creation and communication for some of London's most significant mixed-use developments.

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