Marian Place Gasholders
A Future Neighbourhood with No Boundaries

Marian Place Gasholders

Marian Place Gasholders

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Marian Place Gasholders is a future vibrant new neighbourhood that will combine world class residential, commercial, retail, social, leisure and community spaces.

Working with Berkeley Group to define the strategic vision for the Marian Place Gasholder development next to Broadway Market. We held a series of workshops with their design partners, St William staff and senior St William representatives, to hear their specific thoughts on developing the aspiration for the site. These workshops facilitated brainstorming opportunities for discussion, debate and development of the ideas. The findings were summarised in a document that outlined the recommendations and opportunities for the site, which were informed by both the overarching themes and the detailed ideas that emerged from workshop. The approach encouraged the idea that all good communities have no boundaries; celebrating culture, creativity, and community. This informed ideas to present this development to the market create a lasting new place and neighbourhood.