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Bonding families through group movement and physically active games to promote mental well-being.

Organised around the idea that people have active busy lifestyles, Skadoosch brings families together helping to build bonds and teach physical literacy to children. The physical education program focusses on building relationships between parents, schools, class leaders and other members of the community. The identity is deliberately attention seeking, as it seeks to promote creativity in childrens learning, while creating an atmosphere that is fun and accessible. Skadoosch’s new mark is based on the letter 'S'. On one level, it is a monogram for the name Skadoosch, constructed to evoke a sense of movement from the phrase “move together”, which takes origin from the historical use of the word “skidoo”. The branding also speaks to the basic idea of connection, which is what Skadoosch is designed to facilitate - connecting groups of like-minded people. The choice of a bright colour palette created a visual thread that unites all communications. The vibrant look extends to other elements of the campaign, and the website, with sections revealed as users scroll through the site.

The website provided instructors with an easy-to-use web based learning tool, where they could curate classes with rich instructional video content.