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A visual identity that cuts through convention, positioning the business as culinary thinkers and content creators for cultural food experimentation.

This Edition has designed a new website and workmark for Paris-based food entrepreneur and cook Baptiste Aubour. Ventre when translated directly means “belly” and is a playful reflection on the knowledge that our guts are "the second brain in our stomachs", exerting control over our mood and appetite. A translation of the Ventre sensibility, can be found in it's rebellious yet responsible approach to cuisine. The brand borrows visual cues from populist, vernacular design with variable composition and messaging that was established to be applied across all platforms. A heavy rounded typeface was modified to emphasise the bulging nature of a full belly and this supported the graphic quality of the illustrated mark created by illustrator, François Pellan. A secondary colour palette formed the emotional part of the brand, with subtle colour transitions on the web. The overall result is a clear visual narrative that builds on the brands core purpose to create culinary content and experiences to evoke real human emotion.

— Typeface ITC Clearface