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Made Thought

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Head of Brand Design at Ballymore


Brand & Placemaking Strategy, Identity Design, Website Design

Ballymore redesigned the way it works and placed trust in digital platforms and tools to reshape the residential buying experience.

Ballymore's foresight to build a vast land bank allowed the business to scale fast, achieving brand recognition and delivering sales that have out-performed almost all of the competition. As the company grew, its leaders wanted to identify a positioning and strategy of communication for the Ballymore brand to ensure it was true to the spirit and ambition of the company. Creative agency Made Thought helped define the beliefs and messages in a way that would would scale with the organisation and uncover brand truths. Ballymore found its strength in three things: Its name, its brand truths and the colour black. So in creating the new logo, they leaned into those features. As the Head of Brand Design at Ballymore, Matthew was responsible for the in-house brand team, using design to scale change across the organisation. The work involved a broad range of projects including printed matter, publications and exterior and interior spaces. He provided creative leadership and cross-pollination of these insights and ideas to clients and colleagues, ensuring the brand language was applied consistently across all areas of the group.

Our focus was on both elevating the role of design within Ballymore, while creating a bridge between strategy and product development across seven live developments.