Roger Black
Working to Re-think Buildings of Diverse Scale, Purpose and Character

Roger Black

Roger Black

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Roger Black is a creative leader in the field of residential development. He is known for his influential work in shaping distinctive mixed-use urban regeneration projects of diverse scale, purpose and character.

Through his company Draper Black, he brings together his individual and collective pursuit of the emerging possibilities of his work. The wordmark is designed to reflect the iconic minimualist approach to corporate branding elements of the 1960’s. It adopts the notion simplicity and geometry are the language of timelessness and universality. The identity was designed to be distinctive in personality, but also exercise a level of restraint to allow Roger's portfolio to tell the story. The mark aims to serve as a reminder of the company’s continuous pursuit towards urban regeneration of diverse scale, purpose and character, while standing as a symbol of its heritage and legacy.

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