Goodluck Hope
Forged from the Enduring Spirit of London

Goodluck Hope

Goodluck Hope

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Made Thought

Service / ROLE

Head of Brand Design at Ballymore


Brand & Placemaking Strategy, Identity Design, Website Design

An industrially inspired development, forged from London's enduring spirit, founded on a heritage of industry, ingenuity.

London's competitive property market presented a challenge for Ballymore, defining the ambition for the 2.5 ha. site adjoining City Island. Working with Made Thought, we defined a strategy that breaks away from convention heralding the original historic fabric of the area and celebrating the notion of industrial London. The core brand idea "Built from the enduring spirit of London", reflected on a life clustered around a focal point - in this case a central street that creates community and a sense of place. These bold industrial graphical statements drove all brand and marketing communications and set this development apart by creating an authentic product that embodied a contemporary ‘industrial’ aesthetic, while connecting with people's love of curated, creative lifestyles.

Harnessing audience insights informed the content strategy that was built around the heritage and existing character of the destination. The campaign achieved optimum brand recognition and impressions, delivering sales that have out-performed all of the competition.